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5th Years by Your Side ♡ Happy SHINee Anniversary!

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5 years with SHINee

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We are Sones 

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[Photo] Minho & Sulli and Krystal for HIGHCUT

Credit : littlestar0408

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sehun laughing at suho when he stripped during his part

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SNSD I Got A Boy Comeback Stages

’ i g o t a b o y’

’ i g o t a b o y

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2012.12.26 Nine years. ♥

2012.12.26 Nine years. ♥

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SNSD Comeback Teaser Photos

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Guys, remember this is before he turned six, so forgive him.

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T.O.P Fine Dining Etiquette 101

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thirteen THEME BY: ©YAM16